Melli Etfae Iran Company


At Melli Etfae Iran, our First Aim and Goal is to Save Life and properties and  we all say: 


 “We protect you, who protect us?”


Company Owners:

1- Mr. Amin Allahyari.  Position: CEO

2- Mr. Majid Allahyari.  Position: M.D.


Date and place of Establishment:


1981, Tehran, Iran


Quality Assurance Policy: (Company By-Low)

Offering safety and security to people’s life and protecting their assets and Properties form hazards and Fire, by Engineering, Procurement, Installation of passive and Active High quality Fire Prevention and Protection Systems.


Melli Etfae Iran is member and approved by some of the worlds and Iranian most known and reputable organization and Syndicates, some of them listed as follow:



    1- NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)

    2- Technically Approved by Tehran Fire Brigade for Design, Supply, Installation, and After Sales Services of All types of Fire Alarm

        System, all type of Water Based Fire Protection System, All Type of Foam Type Fire Suppression and Manual Fire Protection System.

    3- Member of Iranian Syndicate of Metal and Machinery companies.

    4- Member of the Iranian Syndicate of Mechanical and Electrical and

        Industrial contractors. (ismeic)



Melli Etfae Iran Co. as a leading company in Field of Safety and Fire Fighting has following branches to serve the customers with best level of


1- Main office located in one of the commercial area in Tehran, in 4 Floors in an area of 1,600 m2, that contains of company deferent

division such as: Engineering Department, Commercial and Accounting Department, Main show Room, Commercial Department

and sales Department.

2- Manufacturing Facility: in 800 m2, located in an Industrial zone near Tehran. Covering the manufacturing area and the warehouse for stock

of Fire Fighting and Safety Equipment.

3- Shop in an area of 150 m2, located in Tehran Azadi St. that presenting the all types of Safety and Fire fighting equipment to our customer.

4- Shop in an area of 50 m2, located in Tehran Toheed Square, that presenting the all type of safety and Fire fighting equipment to our  customer.


Publications, Seminars and Trade Fairs:


1- More than 100 papers in deferent topics of Safety and Fire fighting that published in Tosee Axillaries and Equipment Magazine.

2- More than 50 papers in deferent topics of safety and Fire Fighting in Iran industrial Magazine.

3- 3 books covering the Standards and designing criteria’s of Fire Fighting and Extinguishing systems.

4- Participation in more than 20 Tehran International Trade Fair in our own Stand of 1,500 m2, some pictures as follow: